Thursday, June 26, 2008

Somebody Pinch Me!

I think I am dreaming because in 24 hours I will be sitting at the DEEPER STILL conference. My sweet, sweet, sweet friend Amanda asked me several months ago if I would like to join her in June at the conference and I didn't even have to think longer about it than the time it took the word "YES" to come out of my month. Since then, I've been counting down the days and it's hard to believe the weekend is HERE! It's HERE!

This afternoon I will drive to Houston and get to spend some time with Curtis, Amanda and JACKSON! I can not wait to see that little mister! Then Friday morning, Amanda, Beth and I fly to Atanta where we are meeting up with BooMama and Big Mama! It really is the ultimate girls' weekend and I'm so thankful and in awe that I get to do this. I can't wait to soak up the teachings of Beth Moore, Kay Arthur and Priscilla Shirer! I have such a deep love for the teachings of Kay and Beth. My life has been impacted and changed so many times over the years by learning from the WORD that they bring. I am expecting big things this weekend.

Thanks Amanda!!!

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Amy said...

i am so jealous! that sounds amazing. i hope you have a wonderful time and a divine word from the Lord. : ) Amy

Amber said...

i second the jealousy. jk. i hope you have SOOO much fun. You MUST tell me all about it! We are coming to Houston Sunday and staying until me yo. HAVE FUN and hug Amanda for me.

Heather said...

Hope you have fun ... say hello to my old city for me ....

Linsey said...

So great! Can't wait to hear about the plane ride and all the other fun things you get to do. Did Sunni not get to go?

Lisa a.k.a. The Preacher's Wife said...

What's that I just heard? A commandment breaking? What Lord? I shall not covet?


I hope you girls have the best time EVER!

Darlene R. said...

Okay, I have to join the jealousy train! I hope you have a great time in GA!

You HAVE to come to San Antonio!

Lindsee said...

How fun! Have an absolute blast!

We can't wait to hear what kind of 'word' you get this weekend. I KNOW it will be powerful! I love me some Priscilla, too. She is amazing! (The only time I've seen her live was when she came here for the "Tell Me How
' conference, which was incredible!)

Have a great girls weekend!


Lindsee said...

P.S. Next time you're in Houston for a longer period of time, we should meet up! :)

Are you going to Siesta Fiesta?!

Becca said...

Have so much fun, girl!! I can't wait to hear the details and see the pictures from your weekend!

Matthew said...

Safe travels!

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

How fun!!

Janelle, I wanted to tell you that after reading your posts about your trip to Honduras, I passed along the idea of doing something for the moms for our recent mission trip to Mexico. The leadership loved the idea, so we came up with a little craft for them to do. The last day as we were debriefing and sharing our hearts, the leader of our trip said that watching the moms' faces that day was one of the top highlights of all 13 years she's been doing this trip! It blessed the moms and it blessed us as well. So THANK YOU for sharing your trip!

I would love to add in a lesson of some sort for the moms for the future! If you have any more ideas for me to steal, feel free to pass them on! :)

Hope you had a fabulous weekend. I saw your pic on Big Mama's and you looked GORGEOUS. :)