Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"Oh No, Pablo!"

Ella has become a bit, okay a lot attached over the last several months to a stuffed animal named Pablo. Many of you with young children are probably very familiar with Pablo from the Backyadigans.

Pablo is Ella's holy grail, as Amanda so appropriately described him. Pablo goes EVERY WHERE with Ella, church, bed, playdates. He is always in her arms. It actually is really cute.

Well, while we were in Houston last weekend, I did the unthinkable. I LEFT Pablo! Amanda and I were about an hour down the road headed back to Dallas when I suddenly gasped and yelled, "I LEFT PABLO!"

When I called to tell Heath his exact words were, "You might as well have left Ella." Yes, that is how attached she is.

If I would have left Pablo at Amanda's moms house, it would not have been that big of an ordeal because he could have been mailed to me immediately. But I left Pablo at our friend Michelle's house when we were visiting her, Keegan (her 20 month old) and her new baby Jack. I just didn't feel right about asking a mother of two, one of them only 2 weeks old, to trek to the post office to mail him.

Ella did okay the first night without Pablo, but the very first words out of her mouth that morning were, "Dada, where Pablo?" in the cutest little voice on this planet. I explained to her that Pablo was playing at Keegan and Jack's house this week, but Amanda and Jackson were bringing him back to us in a week. Strangely, she looked at me like she understood what I was saying and she was okay with it.

All was good until that night when I was showing my mom pictures from our Houston trip and there was Pablo in the pictures. Ella saw the pictures of Pablo and had a meltdown, saying over and over, "Oh no, Pablo!"

Thankfully, my very sweet and generous friend Amanda, found an identical Pablo online and sent it to Ella as an early birthday present. So Ella only had to go 4days without him. She survived, but it was close for a while there. And now we are also reunited with the old Pablo. It's so amazing that we now have a backup so this mommy mistake won't happen again.

Oh Pablo, how did we ever live without you?

Ella loves to put on piano concerts for her beloved.

Of course, no outfit is complete without the Pablo accessory.

Nigh Nights with Pablo.

Playdates with Pablo.

Thank you Amanda!!!

Okay, I have packing, packing and more packing to do. We leave for Disney World in TWO DAYS!!!



CrownLaidDown said...

We have "the fringe." Noah received it from a neighbor when he was born. It is a small Boyd's bear, baby-sized blanket. And my wee one is turning 10 on Sunday...and he still sleeps with his very thinned-out fringe.

Precious memories! I love that she carries Pablo everywhere.

Praying for you to have a very fun trip in 2 days, 3 hours!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Pablo really is a toddler's best friend!

kittyhox said...

"Dada, where Pablo?" My heart just broke from the sweetness. So cute I had to share this post with my husband. Thank goodness Pablo is back in her arms, where he belongs.

Nicholas has a Taggie blanket. We TRY to keep it in his crib most of the day, since it usually accompanies his gigi (pacifier). Before his naps and bedtimes when we tell him it's time for night-night he starts calling for it, "Tiiih-geee!?" and goes running to his crib.

I bought a spare, but made the mistake of letting him see it, so a lot of mornings he insists on carrying both, one in each hand.

Oh no. I've hijacked your blog. I'm sorry.

Have a WONDERFUL time in Disneyworld! I'm so excited for you!!

Amanda said...

Oh, I love these pictures of Ella with The Precious! They're so cute! I'm so glad Pablo is back where he belongs...and with a body double! Love you guys!

Ang baylis said...

Amanda is such a thoughtful friend! This is serious, I remember too well forgetting my daughter's "babee" at our friends' house up north. We turned back around to get her! Pablo is cute! Love the picture of her with the high heels on!


FordeFam said...

That is so cute!!! :) Hahaha! Lenci got Dora's super babies for her birthday and the girls both would play with one (since their twins), but one was tragically lost about 2 months after we got them and it happened to be the one that was most fought after, the girl!!! Lenci hasn't really made any real deal of it, but tonight out of the blue she just started asking for the other super baby!!! She kept saying, "it's in the car!"!!! I was sad, cause I actually think they are the cutest little dolls!!! Who knows, maybe we'll replace her, but we have not located her thus far!!! :)

Breathing His Joy said...

What a sweet friend Amanda is for getting another Pablo! I heard from a friend that when my baby gets attached to a blank or animal that I should get a back up ASAP and now I see the benefit!

HAVE SUCH A BLAST AT DISNEY WORLD!! I am already looking forward to the first time I take our child to the magical place. Watching Ella light up with excitement is going to be priceless!

MamaCass said...

I saw Pablo in her bag Sunday morning. It really is cute how attached she is to her sweet little penguin friend. And that was definitely sweet of Amanda to find it online.