Tuesday, January 15, 2008

23 Months

In exactly ONE month, my baby girl is going to turn TWO! I can't really believe it. Honestly, I haven't given into it to much emotionally this year. Last year at this time I was a basketcase and probably writing my 15th blog post on how I can't believe my sweet girl is about to turn one. But this year, it just isn't quite as emotionally difficult.

Maybe it's because I have a few more distrations this year. Like a toddler that never stops running, talking, playing, laughing, screaming (sometimes) and just plain having fun. I just don't have time to dwell on it like last year, which I consider a good thing.

So here's to Ella turning TWO in one month. Wow!


Amanda said...

I think you're right! We are too busy this year to dwell on it. Plus, they are so darn fun right now. Unless they're having tantrums, which of course neither of ours do.

Promise Christian Academy said...

I remember those days! Such sweet times! Yesterday I was wishing for them back... now the resposibility of school is heavy when we really need a 'down day' or a 'couch potato day' like we needed yesterday. But we all feel better today because of our rest yesterday!
About the scrappin cards, I did a previous post with a link to where I 'lifted' the idea... check it out. I should have linked to it agian in this post! sorry!
Hilda Rebecca

Anonymous said...

I know it's not as hard this year for us either. Joshua is so funny that were just really enjoying this stage so much:)He'll be two on the 23rd!

pinkmommy said...

This is a fun stage. All kinds of new and exciting things are coming up. Everyday, you will see her become more and more a little girl instead of your baby girl. It is fun, sad, stressful, and wonderful.

Can't wait to hear all about it!

Jackie said...

What a fun age...my Sara will be 3 in March and it just shocks me how DAILY she changes. Her new thing is that she needs a MILLION hugs and kisses from me ALL DAY (do you think I am complaining!) I love every age so far...especially now that I get TONS of "I love you's" all the time!! Have a great week..and enjoy every moment with that sweet girl! Love ya!