Saturday, July 28, 2007


So do You Think You Can Dance? Because apparently I do. I've decided I'm going to enroll myself in a beginners dance class. Yes I am going to down myself in a fluffy tutu alongside every other aspiring 5 year who wants to be a ballerina. Heath shouldn't mind too much, he can drop Ella and I off at the same class.

About a month ago, I declared that Jaime would be the ultimate winner of this season. I was so sure of it. Really. Because when I declare a winner of a highly intelligent reality show, it's as good as gold people. Except for last Thursday night. I was proved me wrong.

At the end of the show, Cat Deeley informed us which two girls were in the bottom two and up for elimination. The two girls this week were Lauren and Jaimie. The show allows the bottom two to do one last solo just to show of their moves one last time. Jaimie did a phenomenal job as always, but I was not so sure anymore if she would be the ultimate winner. Since my declaration, I had really started to love a couple of the other girls a little more, but I'm loyal, so I was still rooting for her to the end.

After Jaimie's solo, it was Lauren's turn. Both of the girls' solos were pretty similar. They are both experts in lyrical dance. Like that technical talk! Yea, I'm gonna be a dancer. Well, Lauren danced her lyrical dance to "I Can Only Imagine" by Mercy Me! I was so impressed. It was amazing! She is one of the girls that I had started to like so much the last few weeks and this was confirmation of my likeness.

As you have probably guessed, Jaimie was eliminated Thursday night. My loyalty will now fall to Lauren, at least until she is eliminated, upon which I must then transfer my oh so loyal opinion to somebody else.


Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

I am SO SAD about Jaimie!

Rachael said...

I have to agree the dance to Mercy Me was amazing...i had tears in my eyes! But Sarah has been my fav. from day one! I hope that she wins!..if so it will be the first girl to win the show!

The Sanders House said...

i am totally missing out on this show! I wish I had been watching it! :(

MamaCass said...

I started watching it at the beginning of the summer but then stopped. I am kind of taking a break from TV. But I will have to tune in to see which one is Lauren. You should definitely take a dance class with Ella=)

Dave and Jess said...

Found you through Big Momma.... Okay, you have convinced me to tune into this show. It sounds just like the drama I need! : )

Shelly said...

Lol! You crack me up. I danced for over 20 years and it is still one of my passions. There's nothing like closing the door to my room and breaking out my pointe shoes girlfriend.

So I say go put the tu-tu on and go for it! You're going to love it! :)