Monday, July 02, 2007

III Forks and More!

We have had plans for over a month now to go to Waco for Heath's unofficial family reunion, which means they didn't officially plan one this year, but it just so happened that lots of family was gathering at Heath's mom's for the weekend. I thought we would leave Friday afternoon when Heath got home from work.

But Thursday afternoon I got a call from my friend Frank whose wife planned him a 50th birthday party at III Forks, this amazingly awesome steak and seafood restaurant. Heath and I have always wanted to try it, but never had because of the obvious if you clicked on the link above, it's crazy expensive.

We were so pumped about this blessing of a meal at III Forks, that we did NOT have to pay for and a chance to celebrate this big milestone birthday with my friend! The one problem was, it's not exactly the place for babies and our built in babysitters, always willing to step up at the last minute, or anytime (Ella's Grandma and Grandad Angel) are in Colorado for the week. So what would we do with Ella last minute?

I was telling my playdate friends about this opportunity and our problem, when Sunni, who appreciates a good, quality meal more than anyone I know, without hesitation said, "We are watching Ella. There is no way you are missing out on a free steak and seafood meal from III Forks." We accepted the offer and are so INCREDIBLY thankful for the Lazo's. I was thinking about how thankful I was with every juicy bite of steak and lobster tail I took. It was such a fun evening!

Frank and his wife went all out and spoiled their 25 guests to the max. It was an amazing night for Heath and I to get out, dress up and eat a nice meal. Thank you Frank!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Sunni!!! We owe you big time.

Back to the Waco plans, we went ahead and left that night. We swung by the Lazo's, picked up Ella and hit the road. We pulled into Waco a little after midnight.

We had a great weekend! We got a little crazy Saturday night and stayed up until 4:30 AM people, 4:30, playing a game of canasta. Yes, that is Heath's family. There is never a moment, each visit to Waco, where somebody is not playing cards and eating, even through the night apparently, which is not the first time these all nighters have happened. It's always a lot of fun.

We took Ella's pool so she could spend some time getting cool with her cousins. What I failed to realize, was that the dogs would also want to get cool and Ella had many intruders. But she loved it. She thought it was hysterical that there were dogs in her pool with her.


MamaCass said...

I love Canasta. I used to play with my Grandma all the time. Sounds like you guys had a great time. Today was lots of fun!

Lolly said...

III Forks sounds so good. I love their salad. It is especially good when you aren't paying for it!

Shelly said...

Oh that sounds like a fun weekend! I'll have to confess - I've never played Canasta, but I'm sure I'd be up playing it that late too if it's that kind of game! And your little baby girl is just a doll...regardless of her 4% :) She's just perfect!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

I have some really cute pics of the girls that night. I'll snapfish them to you!