Friday, July 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Keegan!!

It is amazing how many 1st birthday's I've had the opportunity to celebrate in one year. And yesterday marked yet another milestone of life for one of my dearest friends Michelle, as her little man Keegan turned one.

Michelle and I bonded quickly as freshmen at DBU. We shared many memories throughout our college experience and even had a chance to be suitemates, which meant our dorm rooms were connected by a bathroom, so we shared a toilet! I love Michelle so much and have cherished the moments we've shared.

After we graduated from DBU, Michelle got an amazing opportunity to become the Girls Minister at First Baptist Houston, which if you know Michelle, this was totally her calling. So I was so happy for her and her job but sad for me as she was moving away.

It is so fun to look at the stages of life we go through, and who would have thought that in college I would get to go through my pregancy and parenthood with so many of my friends. I am so blessed to get to go through this stage of life with Michelle we were so excited a year and a half ago when she called to tell me she was pregnant and she was due just a few months after our sweet Ella.

Last July 5th, I was at youth camp with our church when I got the news. My cell phone rang, it was Michelle. She said, "You won't believe this, but I'm in labor, a month early!" This is unbelievable because Melissa, and I, and now Michelle were all roommates/suitemates in college and Melissa and I had just had our first babies a few months before Michelle had Keegan. Melissa and I both also had our babies exactly one month early! And now Michelle was having Keegan one month early! It still is baffling to me how that happened. So Keegan was welcomed into this world on July 5th, 2006.

Okay so literaly 30 seconds after her phone call, I got another amazing phone call from Kristin telling me that she had just gotten her referral from their orphanage agency and found out they were to become the new proud parents of Laney Xiang Ting! It was one of the most memorable and blessed days of my life. Melissa, Amanda, and I were all at camp receiving this news at the same exact time and rejoicing together with them from miles away. It is a day I will never forget.

2 weeks later Kristin, Ella, and I loaded up the car and headed to Houston to see Michelle and Jonathan and meet their new cute baby boy. It was a great weekend with our friend!

Ella was only 4 1/2 months old and she was very small, but I could not believe how big she was comapared to her new two week old friend Keegan. I was astonished the entire weekend.

You can tell Keegan really liked Ella.

Kristin with the babies.

I remember thinking how good it felt to hold an itty bitty baby again.

Michelle and Keegan!


Amanda's got Baby Bangs said...

This was so sweet! That was a very crazy day at camp. I had forgotten that we found out about Laney at the same exact time! Happy birthday, Keegan!

The Sanders House said...

Janelle, thank you for your blog! This was so sweet! That was a very fun day and very memorable! :) I can not believe how small Keegan looks and how different Ellla looks!! Yes, Happy Birthday Keegan!!

Joshua Murrell said...

I love those pictures of Ella and Keegan next to each other. He looks so tiny! That was a very memorable and sweet time!

Leigh Gray said...

Hi, this is my first time on your blog - hope that is ok. But i just wanted to say I remember the time of having all the kids with all my friends' kids. It was a blast and I miss it. Now I am doing baseball and dance with all my friends' kids. It is great as well.

Have a blast and cherish every moment. My kids are still so young 3- 9 (4 of them, yes, it was quick) but I already know how fast it goes.

You are so blessed - I do know that!