Thursday, December 28, 2006

Silver Dollar City

The Friday after we celebrated Christmas with my mom's family, we all went to Silver Dollar City in Branson. Okay, if haven't been you must! It is definitely one of my favorite places to spend the holidays. Here's a few reasons why it is so fabulous!

*The thousands of lights they put up everywhere!
*The Wassail, the best in the world. Amanda, it was perfect! I brought some back for us to enjoy!
*The hot chocolate. You can get "The Works". That's when they load it up with marshmallows, chocolate chips and whip cream!
*The rides.
*The Kettle Corn!
*The cold weather!

This was Ella's first ride. It made for some cute pictures and fun memories for Heath and I, but Ella was not so sure about it. The first few times around, her face would turn bright red, but she never actually cried. She did hold on to Heath as hard as she could. But after she realized this wasn't her death, she got used to it, but I don't know if I could go as far as to say she enjoyed it.

This is me clapping and laughing trying to convince her this was fun, not scary.

This one was a little slower, therefore more enjoyable for the punkin.

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