Wednesday, December 13, 2006

New Developments

It's a tooth! It's a tooth! Hooray! Let me explain why I am so excited over this. Obviously, every parent gets excited over every new development, but this one is especially exciting to me. Ella has a regular playgroup that consists of Jackson, Ava, Joshua and Gage. Ella is the oldest of the 5. However, all the other babies have had teeth for at least a month, a couple of them have had teeth for probably 3 months. I definitely never felt for a second that she was behind in her development because getting a first tooth at 10 months is perfectly normal and I would never doubt my precious daughter's perfection! But I have been waiting for the day that she could join in those tooth filled pictures! Welcome to the club Ella! Puffs, Cheerios, Crackers, oh my!

The second exciting development is Ella is officially crawling. Last Wednesday, I was sitting on the couch, Ella was playing on the floor and all of the sudden she took off and crawled all the way across the living room!! I was all by myself jumping up and down and calling family to tell them. The Lord was so sweet to me because that night I got to babysit Joshua. Peter decided to take Melissa out on a surprise date! Don't tell Meliss and Peter but I was extremely nervous! 2 Babies?! I've never been in a room by myself with 2 babies! But everything was great! Sweet Joshua was perfect. Him and Ella kept each other entertained on the floor together for a couple hours. I was even able to put up my Christmas tree. The sweet part was that I was desperate to share the crawling moment with somebody! So because it worked out for me to watch Joshua, I was able to share the moment with Peter and Melissa when they came to pick him up!

Crawling and a tooth all in one week!!

Working as a team to get the fabric off of the basket.



Melissa said...

I was cracking up at the "don't tell Peter and Melissa" part! I'm so glad that he was good for you that night. I had no idea you were nervous! I love the pics of them playing...especially the ones of Ella trying to take Joshua's pacifier.

Yea for crawling and teeth!

Anonymous said...

That is so fun!!! Now she will be chasing the boys!