Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Weekend at Aunt Ashley's

The first two weeks of August my parents went on a wonderful two week vacation. So Heath's mom came and stayed with us so she could watch Ella while I was at work. And it was a great time for her to spend some incredible quality time with Heath and I, and more importantly Ella. So while Grammy was here we spent of the weekends at Heath's sister's house in Rowlett. We played lots of games and swam a lot.

Heath loves to do this dance with Ella. He calls it the washin machine. He twists her and does this funny beat with his mouth. Ella absolutely LOVES it. She smiles and giggles everytime.

None of us could resist dancing along with her, especially Aunt Cathy!

Ella and Aunt Cathy!

I have a strawberry on my rear!

Playing one of our many games of Sequence!

Ella decided this weekend she wanted to start drinking from a cup! So random! It always such a surprise the things they discover and can do from day to day. She loved it so much, she would cry when I would try to take the cup away. Needless to say, we started her on a sippy cup as soon as we got home from the weekend.

One thing about Ella that Heath is undescribably proud about is that Ella loves to watch football with her daddy. She really does. And Heath couldn't be happier about that. I think he desperately prayed for that all through my pregnancy! Daddy and Ella had been enjoying a football game. She was able to watch about 45 minutes of it and then fell asleep.

Angela, a friend of Ashley's, and her two boys came over for a little bit and swam with us. Ella and her boys had a good time playing together.

Ella and Grammy about to dive in!

Ella loves her new crab float!

So excited!

And scene.

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