Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Happy Half Birthday! August 15, 2006

Ella turned 6 months old on Aug. 15th!! I have learned more in these last 6 months than my Bachelor's degree from DBU. I feel like I should have a doctorate in baby basics. I could never have asked for a baby cuter or sweeter than our Ella. It is amazing how much she has grown and developed these last 6 months. This time last year I was still trying to get used to the idea that I was pregnant and we were actually having a baby. We didn't even know if the baby was a boy or a girl yet. And now we she is already half a year old. We are loving the stage she is in. She is sitting up, laughing, playing with toys, eating baby food, talking her little language! In celebration of her Half Birthday I wanted to post of my favorite pictures of her so far! Okay I always go a little overboard. I have about a hundred favorite pictures. I narrowed it down to about 30, so enjoy the slideshow. (If you put your mouse over the pictures, a caption will show up.)

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Jackson said...

It's truly amazing how much she's grown! What a sweet slide show.