Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Keegan Sanders is born!

On July 6th, Keegan was born to Michelle and Jonathan Sanders. He also was born 4 weeks early. Apparently, if you were roommates with me, you are going to have your baby early. Melissa, Michelle and I were all roommates and we all had our babies exactly 4 weeks early.
He is adorable!!! He weighed 5lbs 11oz. Kristin, Ella and I went to visit them when Keegan was 2 weeks old. I am so happy for them! They make such a cute family!!

This is Keegan's precious bassinet. It was also his daddy's when he was a baby!

He's so small! I can't believe Ella weighed almost 2 pounds LESS than him when she was born! I couldn't even comprehend that when I held him.

"Boys rule, Girls drool!"

Jonathan is so sweet to play with Ella every time we get to see each other.

Kristin loves these babies!!

Michelle and Keegan, Me and Ella!

So tiny!

There is an Ella Blvd. in Houston! I get easily excited over little things.

Unfortunately Melissa couldn't come with us because she was in Utah on a mission trip. But her sweet family still let us stay with them. They were so hospitable! We are excited to be able to go stay with them again soon.

Melissa's mom! She is so sweet to her! Such a great grandma! Obviously Ella loves her as well!

Melissa's sister, Alicia!

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