Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Jeep

When Heath and I got married, I purchased my first car on my own. A 2002 Honda Civic and paid it off within a few years. So when Ella was born that is what I drove. Very inconvenient because it was only 2 doors, but it was adorable and I loved it. This was the car that we brought her home from the hospitable in. I was attached.

But after about 9 months of putting the passenger seat up to crawl in the back seat to get her in her carseat and whatever else needed to be done, it was time for something else.

So Heath found me this really awesome Jeep! It was perfect! However, I thought it was cursed because the night Heath and I drove to pick it up we got stuck in terrible traffic which led to us fighting the entire way there. Two hours later, when we finally arrived at the dealership, I was just ready to get the keys and be done. Then that same night, Heath took the car to his guy's night out to show it off and barely avoided a terrible accident just by inches.

Turns out it was not cursed, and I had a great 3 1/2 years with it! I've watched Ella grow from a baby to a little girl in the carseat of that car.

We sold my Jeep this past weekend to a very sweet family. A dad bought it for his son who is going away to college. I think she will be in good hands.

We decided to get rid of the Jeep because we can only fit 2 kids comfortably, 3 tightly. With starting the fostering process, we just want the door to be open to getting more than one or even two children at a time. So with that, we need something with a 3rd row.

I don't know what that is going to be yet. But hopefully by the end of this week I will have myself a new (very old car). We want to get something cheep that we can buy with the money we made on the Jeep and therefore not have a car payment. My husband is looking at VERY old suburbans so y'all will be just as surprised as I am what I am driving this time next week.

These pictures were taken the week we got the Jeep. Heath, Ella & I took a roadtrip to Arkansas to see Heath's dad. I remember how excited and giddy we were to be taking our first roadtrip in our fun new car.

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Amanda said...

Ella's pics just made my day. I could cry. Tell her Jackson and his mommy say hi!