Tuesday, April 13, 2010

FBC Irving Youth Camp!!

I'm taking a little break from my infertility posts (which I have so enjoyed getting out there and hearing from y'all) to post some pictures of my sweet girl. I have several catch up posts to do, so I am going to try to get through them quickly.

The first catch up post is about camp!

Last month, Heath, Ella & I got to go to our church's youth camp. We have had our student camp during spring break the past couple of years instead of during the summer.

I was excited about this week for several reasons: 1) I love going to youth camps! I love getting to see the students & adults grow and encounter God. 2) My whole family was going. 3) Curtis Jones was our camp speaker which meant I got to spend the week with Amanda, Jackson & Annabeth!

This particular camp holds a TON of sweet memories for me.

Heath and I went to this camp in Lindale, TX with our youth 5 years ago. We were both camp counselors. It was at that camp that Amanda told me she was pregnant with Jackson. I was so excited for her. I'll never forget our conversation and the exact motel room we were in on the camp campus because as she was telling me about her pregnancy symptoms and in my head I was screaming "OH MY GOSH...I am having every one of these symptoms." I just thought I was really tired from a week of constant activity at camp. I didn't tell Amanda this at the time because I was FREAKING OUT. But I ran to find Heath and told him I thought I might be pregnant. (Remember we were not trying to get pregnant.) He thought I was absolutely ridiculous.

The day we got home, I went to Walmart, bought a pregnancy test, and 3 minutes later my paranoia was confirmed. We were so excited!

So that was year one at camp.

The very next year in '06 we went back. This time with a 4 month old baby girl! Heath and I got to stay in the motel since I was doing more of an assistant role this year than camp counselor. Also, in the motel rooms were Amanda, Curtis & Jackson (also 4 months old), Peter, Melissa & Joshua (1 month old) and Krystal who was newly pregnant with Karoline and terribly ill. Krystal spent a lot of her time laying in my bed holding a sleeping Ella on her chest while she rested. Thanks again Krystal!

I have such amazing memories of being there with all our babies. Precious memories that I will hold onto for life.

We hadn't been to camp since '06, so I was pumped when it worked for us to all go again his year. It was really fun taking Ella as a 4 year old. And the greatest thing is that we were ALL there again. Curtis, Amanda, Jackson & Annabeth. AND Peter, Melissa, Joshua & Gabe. It was awesome to remember how tiny they were the last time we were all there and to be back with them all there as 4 year olds was a dream.

Ella had the best time with Joshua & Jackson! I would have lost 20 pounds if I had run as much as they did those few days. And my stomach muscles would be rock hard if I laughed as much as they did.

Ella participated in a lot of what the campers participated in. She was everyone's camp kid for the week. The students were so sweet to her, especially the pink team who dressed her up with all kinds of fun, girly, pink stuff.

Heath was the emcee for the week! And he was hilarious!! I love when Heath is in his element...being in front of people and being funny. He has such a gift.

Heath used Ella sometimes to help deliver the news of which team got the clean cabin/spirit award each day.

Heath handing out the spirit stick.

Late Night activities each night had a theme with them.
The first night was "Fan Night" You were actually supposed to dress up as a fan of your favorite sport's team. Heath took it a little too literally. :-)

The second night was neon night.

The third night was super hero night. I didn't get a picture of Heath but it involved a pair of whitey tighteys over a pair of pants.

The fourth night was grandparents night.

Ella was the camp cheerleader for the week.

Extra spirit points: The pink team got to Heath with their pink heart.

Running with Joshua

Ella loved to ride on the back of Josh's bike.

This was right when Jackson and Ella saw each other for the first time. They were very excited and immediately started running.

We played a lot of sports.

Football: Great catch Hubs!


Ring Around the Rosies

The Billups got to come out and hang out with us for a couple of days. Sweet Karoline! Her mommy was pregnant with her the last time we all were at camp together.

They thought it was the most fun thing ever to play on the top bunk in our motel room.

Walking to get snow cones! Yum!

Daddy and Daughter time in the canoe.

They stayed out for almost an hour this day. Heath said they had a great bonding time. They talked and went turtle hunting. He is such a good daddy to his little girl.

This was the view from my room. I loved opening my blinds every morning to this.

Hanging out at night with all our motel doors open and the kids running around was one of my favorite times of each day.

Worship Service

The nightly worship services were incredible!! I am SO thankful that Ella was so good and let me sit with her through each service so I didn't have to miss one of my favorite bands (The Galvan Band) leading us in song and one of my favorite speakers (Curtis) teaching us from the Word! I can not say enough good things about the worship services. Both the students and adults grew that week.

It was a great week! Spent with amazing friends. Being blessed by the students and counselors who did a phenomenal job! I would do it again tomorrow.

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Amanda said...

We had the best time! I LOVE all these pictures. Jackson enjoyed looking over my shoulder too. I love you, Janelle!

Becca said...

What precious pictures!!! Looks like ya'll had a great time! :)

Helen said...

That looks like such an amazing time! You guys do the most incredible things as a family. You are so very blessed.

Tara G. said...

It almost made me miss teaching middle school. Only almost, though.