Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ella at the Doctor

Yesterday was Ella's 4 year check up. Going into this appointment I knew she was going to have to get 3 or 4 shots, so I was a little stressed.

I bought Ella a new My Little Pony (Rainbow Dash to be specific) weeks ago in anticipation for this day. I had it there ready to pull out as soon as the nurse was done with the shots.

I made sure to make the appointment so Heath could go with me. I have an amazing husband. He has a way with Ella that I just don't have. He is so good with her and can be her constant entertainment.

Here is an example of this. I took this video of Heath keeping Ella distracted while the nurse went to get her shots ready. We had already told her at this point what was about to happen because we didn't want to totally catch her off guard. She had started to cry a little when we were telling her, but immediately her Daddy started with the distractions and had her rolling with laughter.

A little history so you understand what "pink" is. Last week, Heath, Ella and I went to Garden Ridge to shop for some stuff for our new home. While there, Ella stuck her finger in one of the holes that are in the sides of the metal shelves they have there. It got stuck and when she yanked it out, she sliced it open. It bled pretty bad and she was just traumatized.

Heath, in an effort to calm her down, asked her, "Ella, I want you to imagine something in your mind." After some hesitation she said, "pink". (Of course.) I think that girl dreams about pink. Anyway, so he asked her what does the pink look like that's in your head. She said "fluffy". So Heath created an imaginary ball of "pink". We keep pink in our pockets and when Ella gets hurt we can pull pink out and play with pink. You'll understand better when you watch the video.

And that's why Ella's Daddy needed to be there. I am so thankful that God gave me such a creative man. It comes in very handy.

Ella did very well with the shots. Of course, there was screaming and crying while the actual shots were going in, but she recovered very well. She kept saying through her tears, "I didn't want them to give me a shot". So heartbreaking.

Ella weighs 28lbs. She is still in the 3%-5% for weight. She's always been our little squirt (which is what the doctor in the hospital called her since she was only 4lbs 10 ounces). The doctor said if she was below 3% they would worry or if being in the 3% wasn't normal they would worry. But since she's always been teeny tiny it's not an issue.

She is 3ft 3 inches tall. So she's in the 50% for height, which makes her look even skinnier.

Overall a very good appointment.

Here are some pics of Heath keeping Ella entertained.

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Missy said...

Just a post from a random reader...My little girl (age four) is also tiny at just 26 lb. I was glad to see another tiny but healthy one!

Lindsee said...

Um, that was about the funnest thing ever! Y'all are adorable and so fun!

Helen said...

What a great daddy!

Toknowhim said...

Love the Pink game....

I have done all kinds of crazy things to keep my kids entertained waiting for the doctor :)

Tara G. said...

I keep a supply of crayons and stickers to use on the exam table paper, too. :)