Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Urgent Prayer for Sudan

Heath got a call from Vernon this morning telling us that they received the below email from Biship Taban regarding the break out of a horrible illness going on at Lura Orphanage that has killed one baby.

Lura Orphanage is the orphanage we spent most of our time at last year playing with the kids, cooking with the women and having Bible study with. My heart is broken over what is going on there. Bishop Taban is certain they have it under control now, but please be praying for healing for the other children that have this.

From Amber:
Today we received an email from Bishop Taban (the pastor over all of the ministry we do in Sudan). Some of the children at the Lura orphanage are VERY sick. One child (although not an orphan, it was a child of one of the employed cooks) has died from the virus. Currently, 11 children are sick. They think they have the virus contained, but please pray.
Pray for our children as they are sick and needing to be brought back to health.
Pray for the nurses and health staff as they care for them.
Pray for the sweet mom who lost her child.
Pray for all the children and family as they morn the loss of this child.

Here is the email Amber and Vernon received this morning from Bishop Taban.

Dear brethren;

The children at Lura Orphanage has been attacked by running stomach. 11 are on sick bed right now and one child dead today. We closed our Yei town clinic because all the staff are to attend to the situation in Lura. Though the child who dead is not an official registered child but the mother was employed two months back as a cook and she could not leave the child behind; one problem that mighty have caused the death is that the mother gave the child local medicine before reporting to the nurse. According to our health staff the situation has been brought under control.

Thank you for your prayers.


Bishop Elias Taban.

Thanks y'all. And we will keep you updated as we hear more.

One of the pictures we took last year of some of the sweet children that live at Lura.

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Holly said...

Praying for these Jesus loves so very much. Thanks for sharing, Janelle.

Mindy said...

Oh Janelle. I will be praying.

Kelli said...

Please keep us posted with any specific prayer requests. Prayed that all 11 children are healed quickly, with the love and care of the nurses and staff.

connorcolesmom said...

Oh those sweet babies
Yes I am covering them with prayer
May God heal them quickly!