Friday, July 10, 2009

Camp Crows Nest

All week Ella has been in Waco with Heath's mom, Meme, at Camp Crows Nest. It's a new thing they started this summer that will hopefully become a tradition.

Ella and all 9 of her 2nd cousins came together at Meme's and had an entire week dedicated to them doing fun things. They even got t-shirts made!

The mommies of all the other cousins were there to help. I was the only one that had to stay back home to work, but had full confidence that Ella was in GREAT hands and having a ball.

Monday they went to a bounce house place.

Tuesday they went to see a movie (Monsters and Aliens) and then they went to Baskin Robbins for ice cream.

Wednesday was water day. They had blow up pools and slip and slides at the house. Then they roasted hot dogs and smores on the fire pit.

Thursday was roller skating day. I heard that Ella was amazing. They said she was skating BY HERSELF!! I'm so sad I didn't witness this in person. That's my girl.

Friday was bowling. Ella experienced so many firsts this week.

And of course there was lots of spoiling, yummy food and play time in between all the daily scheduled activities.

There were lots of pictures taken. I can't wait to get the pictures from them.

We are leaving early early Saturday morning to go pick her up!! It's been hard having her away. I've been away from her for this long a few times, but it's when I am leaving to go out of the country and crazy busy. This is the first time she's been gone and I've been home in my own routine. It was weird. And I was sad.

I can not wait to see her!!! And hopefully I will have lots of adorable pictures for y'all.

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Mandi said...

Ella had a fun-filled week! I'm sure it was hard having her away. Make sure you get lots of hugs and kisses today...and please share pictures. :)