Friday, June 05, 2009

Happy Birthday Justus!

Ella's precious friend Justus turned 1 last week and we were so happy to get to celebrate with him. His mommy, Amber, threw him an incredible 1st birthday party. It was so much fun!!

Ella and sweet Karoline had so much fun swinging together all night.

Amber came up with the cutest game, "Pin the candle on the cupcake."

They all helped Justus out with his pinata.

Pulling the ribbons didn't work, so they got to take turns swinging at it. Ella did pretty good, but that could be because of her recent practice with Laney's Dora pinata.

All the yummy candy!

Ella holding up her 5 pieces. She is so funny. She did this same exact thing at Laney's party. There are tons of pieces of candy on the ground and Ella picked about 5 and then would be done. I kept telling her, "you're allowed to get more." And she would say, "no that's enough, I'm done." Silly girl.

Evidence of a good party.

Precious Klaire!

All evening I was begging Ella to take a picture with me because we were matchy in our red shirts. But she refused and threw a fit everytime I asked. So finally I just had one taken regardless. I think it's worthy of a frame. :-)

This one's a little sweeter. Amber's friend Allison took pictures for Amber. She is incredibly talented. She does it professionally on the side. So she took this picture along with a couple others I posted. Thanks Allison.

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Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

I love the picture of you and Ella. You BOTH look adorable! Love your necklace!

Lindsee said...

I am loving Ella's self-control in the candy department. If only we could all be like that! Also, that picture of y'all is TOO CUTE. Definitely a framer!

Kristen said...

I just found your adorable blog! And looks like they had a fun time!

connorcolesmom said...

ok my favorite pic is Ella having a fit b/c honestly I think it was doctored that sweet girl does not throw fits ;)
She is a DOLL!!
Love ya

Helen said...

You guys are cute, all matchy. Looks like a wonderful party! I wonder what she's thinking with the FIVE pieces of candy. ha!