Saturday, June 20, 2009

Granddad's 80th Birthday!

This past weekend we spent Friday and Saturday with family celebrating my precious Granddad's 80th birthday!

We started Friday night playing a little trick on him. We spent the evening eating dinner at my parents house and it was just me, Ella, my parents and my Grandma's brother and sister-in-law (who drove in to surprise them). Basically we let him think that this was his big party and none of the other family could make it.

So we had dinner and my dad got a cake and we did all the traditional birthday things with just the few of us. We had a great time!

And Ella and Granddad got to spend lots of quality time together.

In fact, when my parents apologized to my Granddad and told him none of the other family was able to make it, he said, "I get to see Ella though, right?" So sweet! It brought tears to all of our eyes.

But what my Granddad didn't know was that our entire family came in town on Saturday. We all met up at my parent's house for a while.

Then we headed to The Keg and decorated for the big surprise party with all of us there.

It was so fun to surprise my Grandparents, even though my granddad was very suspicious that something was going on. He said it's because, "he knows his family and his family is to kind to not be able to make it for his birthday." I'm so blessed to be in a family like that!!

Ella and her sweet cousins!

Me and my sister!

Granddad and I!

My Parents!!! Aren't they cute?

My Grandma and Granddad Angel!! The most amazing example of a Godly relationship. I am so thankful for them!

Heath and Granddad!

After we all ate at the Keg, we headed back to my parent's house for cake and time to just hang out!

Ella always has so much fun with her cousins!

Happy Birthday Granddad!! Thank you for being the ultimate example for our family on how to live a life FULLY (for 80 years) for Christ and for giving everything and everyday of you to Him. We love you so much!! And we are so thankful for the example you are to us.


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Lolly said...

How sweet! What a neat family. And you went to the Keg again. Yum!

Helen said...

I love your family! So precious! You're very, very blessed, which I'm sure you know.