Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Josh's 3rd B-day

Last Friday night, Melissa threw Joshua's 3rd b-day party at McDonald's. I had a birthday party for one of my college suite mates that same night, so my parents were so sweet and took Ella to Josh's party for me.

I told my mom to make sure to take lots of pictures. She did a very good job. And I heard all the kids had a great time! I was sad to miss, but so glad Ella still was able to go. Thanks Mom & Dad!

Ella posing with Peter.

Ella, Titus & Laney eating their yummy happy meals.

Josh blowing out his birthday candles.

Josh's frame from Ella.

Ella & the birthday boy!!

Happy 3rd Birthday TODAY Joshua!! We love you very much!

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Russ and Kristin said...

Could your Ella be any cuter?
Her little personality is so evident in pictures. It makes me wonder what my darling baby will be like as a three year old!

P.S. I am lovin the Easter hat!

Lindsee Lou said...

This has seriously been the month of birthday parties for you! So fun. And of course, Ella is just as cute as pie.

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Love the kids' smiles in that last picture!

Helen said...

That was a cool cake! Your parents are awesome, Ella isn't spoiled at all, huh? ;)