Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend Update

I have not posted in almost a week, which I hate, but I told myself that I wouldn't post again until I got my "look back at '08" post done. Well, it isn't quite done and I couldn't resist posting.

We've had a fun few days. The most exciting part of my weekend is that on Thursday my good friend Sunni had her 2nd baby girl!! I got to visit them on Friday and she is the sweetest baby. And Sunni looked amazing! They are doing so well. I'm so happy for my friend!!!

*Also on Friday, I got to spend some time with Kristin and her precious twinsies. And of course, Ella always loves spending time with Laney! That night Ella and I had dinner with my mom, Grandma and Tim who are in town from Kansas visiting.

*Saturday morning, Heath, Ella and I went to Karoline's breakfast birthday party!! It was SO cute and so much fun. They had a bounce house in their house, which is Ella's dream. I wish I had pictures, but half way through our drive to their home I realized I had forgotten my camera. I was so mad at myself I almost let it ruin my day, but I had to get over it. It was a pajama party and I wish so badly I had pictures of Ella and the rest of the babies in their cutie pie jammies! Krystal did let me borrow her camera so I will have some eventually.

*After the party, we came home and had family nap time. We let Ella sleep in our bed with us, which we have never done (since she was a baby). It was really sweet. At one point I woke up and was laying on my back and Ella had her head on my shoulder and her arm on my chest. It was precious! I might need family nap time to happen again soon.

*Saturday tonight, the 3 of us went and ate at Rio Mambo! We don't get to have family night very often, so it was such a blessing! It was an excellent place to eat! Heath wanted to go somewhere we had never been to, which makes me nervous. I don't like trying new things. Well, this was amazing!! I'm so glad we went and I recommend it to everyone. The service was great and the food was delicious. Laura, have you reviewed this one? I thought of you. The restaurant must be owned by Christians because they had verses on the bottom of their menu and their website says something about how they give some of their profits to churches.

*After dinner, we went to blockbuster to rent a couple of movies and Heath bought Ella and I each a movie. So sweet. He bought Ella Kung Fu Panda because she loves it! And he bought me Baby Mama which I LOVE! After we put Ella to bed we watched The Dark Knight. Very entertaining.

*Sunday morning, I had to be at church at 7:45 a.m. which has become the norm because Jared asked me to play the keyboard on a regular basis!! This was my 5th week to play and I LOVE every second of it! It has been so much fun and a HUGE blessing. I feel such joy from getting to do this. Thanks Jared!!

*After church, we had lunch with the team going to Honduras in March because I have decided to go again this year! I'm very pumped about it. It will certainly be different without Curtis this year, but we have a great group going. I didn't think I was supposed to go, but some doors opened a few weeks ago and now I'm in. It's going to be a great week.

*At 2:00, we had a Honduras meeting and then I got to go home.

*Sunday night, we headed over to Melissa and Peter's to have an impromptu 1st birthday party for Gabe!! He turned one yesterday. They rented a bounce house which made 3 times this week Ella got to enjoy a bounce house. Heaven!

Gabe, the birthday boy!

Karoline enjoying her cupcake!

Ella too!

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Holly said...

I LOVE that you are playing the keyboard at church! HOW AWESOME!!

Praying for you on Sunday's, as you play and praying for your Honduras trip in advance. Let me know details to pray for, as you have them.

I am so glad you like my new header! I have been working this past week with Patty to begin to do blog designs. So far, I have actually been paid for one I have done! Woohoo!

Amanda said...

All of this is so fun! I can't BELIEVE you are getting to church so early. Wow! You must really love playing because that is quite a feat. Love you!

wetherell said...

Ella's cupcake pic is so cute..... I miss yall so much! We will be in town for a short visit on The weekend of the 23rd. Maybe we could get together for lunch or dinner on that Sunday. Maybe yall, the murrells, etc.

Kara Clayton said...

Hey girl, thanks for reading my blog...I always keep up with yours!! Honestly, yours is one of the main reasons we started one! Ella is growing so fast, I can tell from her pictures that she has a precious personality! I'm so excited to hear you are playing keyboard at your church! I pray you are able to continue for years to come! I'll be thinking of and praying for you on Sunday mornings when we are on our way at 7:30am as well! Love you!

Kelli said...

Clara is so sweet!

Is it bad that I am looking forward for Caroline to be older and have jump house parties so I can take a jump? :) It sounds like you guys have been having some precious family time!

Lindsee said...

Sounds like you had a great, full of fun weekend. And girl, I am just as upset if I forget my camera when I am going somewhere! Hence why it is ALWAYS in my purse, unless I happen to leave the battery charging!

Lolly said...

Oh Ella, that cupcakes looks so good!

I have been to Rio Mambo. It is good, but I have a hard time going there because one of my most favorite Mexican restaurants is La Hacienda Ranch, which is next door. When I get that close to La Hacienda, I just can't pass it up. Matter of fact, we were there on Saturday night.

Helen said...

Are you worn out? Man! You were busy!! I love the cupcakes pics. Something about kids + cupcakes is beyond cute!

Amber said...

umm...that pic of ella with the cupcake is awesome.

I am so glad you are playing with us each sunday it has been such a blessing to our team! LOVE YOU!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

thank you for coming to visit us! your weekend sounds great! i will have to find out where rio mambo is and go there soon.

pinkmommy said...

What a cute party idea!

I will be praying for you Honduras trip.