Monday, July 14, 2008

Back Together

Curtis, Amanda and Jackson were in town this weekend for a visit and we got to spend lots of time with them. It was so perfect and so fun for Ella, Jackson and Ava to be reunited!

Ella and Jackson were able to spend lots of time hanging out at our house and playing with all of Ella's toys. I had forgotten how well they play together.

Playing with Ella's little piano!

This is what they did for the first 30 minutes Jackson got there. They chased each other screaming at the top of their lungs. So full of joy to be back together!

Amanda and I were trying to see how much taller Jackson is than Ella. They are only 2 days apart in age, so his height is pretty significantly more.

They also got to spend some time in Ella's pool!

Jackson cracks me up how much he has always loved water being splashed in his face. Definitely something him and Ella do NOT have in common.

That evening we met up with Sunni, Xavier and Ava for sushi at Central Market! This was one of our favorite places to have playdates with Amanda and Jackson when they lived here. It was SO fun to be back there with our three babies!!

Xavier and Ava going down the slide. Xavi is such a sweet daddy!! We are SO relieved that he his back to normal and feeling better.

Ella and her daddy! The dads let us girls catch up while they persevered in the heat with the Tods.

Ella was doing a little dance in honor of the lollipop that Ava had just given her.

This is the only picture that I got of the 3 Tods together.

After dinner, Sunni, Xavi and Ava had to head home to finish packing for their Mexico trip that they left for the next morning. My parents so sweetly agreed to babysit Jackson and Ella while the parentals went to the movies. We saw Get Smart! SO FUNNY!

My mom took these precious pictures of Ella and Jackson.

My mom loves when she gets to watch Jackson. Amanda's mom and my mom spent so much time together in the hallways of the hospital while our babies were only hours/days old. They have such a special bond with each other because of that and each other's grandbabies.

Crashed out!

It was so fun to see our good friends and get to spend so much time with them! Every second was treasured.

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Holly said...

Now you need to photoshop Jackson and Ella and see if you can make that pastel-looking cards of little ones (do you know which ones I mean? They are the ones we buy at Target and give to our friends).

Got your card and it's on the fridge! We are praying for God to bless you!!

Aren't those times so much sweeter with friends once you are apart? We have two couples coming in August and September, who have been on the mission field (Peru and Africa) for a couple of years. We are itching for that time together with our dear ones!

Amanda said...

I think my favorite pictures are the ones of them sitting together in the chair drinking their milk. So cute! Your parents are troopers!

connorcolesmom said...

I love the ones of Jackson and Ella on the piano - they look like they are having a BLAST!

I love it
God bless

Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! said...

So precious!

Darlene R. said...

It was fun to read about your weekend on Amanda's blog and then on yours! The pictures are so cute. I love how you captured their expressions so well!

I'd love to squeeze them both! :)

Heather said...

Those two are adorable together. What a precious friendship they have, and how neat that their Mamas share that same close bond. Glad y'all had a fun weekend making memories. (And I'm so glad to have found your blog!)

Linsey said...

So fun! I loved the pictures. Is Ella in a big girl bed? I like Heath's shaved head!

Big Mama said...

Awww! They are so cute together. I love the one of them playing the little piano.

Our Family of Five said...

Hi Janelle! Great pictures.... Ella is getting so big! :)

God Bless,

Helen said...

What words are there for that much cuteness? Those 2 give ou some great photo ops!