Sunday, July 20, 2008

44 Hours...

Well, this weekend I came down with the dreaded stomach virus, which is why I haven't updated my prayer requests in a couple of days. I am almost completely over it and I'm thankful it hit now instead of later.

I can not believe that we leave in less than 2 days. My main source of stress now with only 44 hours until departure is my sadness over missing Ella. I've been sad over it off and on throughout the last month, but today it has really hit me and tonight I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with emotion. I just can NOT imagine not seeing her precious face and hearing her sweet voice for 12 days! It's not natural. But I will remember the faithfulness of our God. He got me through not seeing her for 8 days in March when I went to Honduras and I know that He will get me through 8 days + 4 more.

Our bags are almost completely packed! I have not shared the lovely packing dilemma with y'all. LADIES, we are only allowed to pack 33lbs TOTAL, that includes are carry on! This is not because of our flight from here to Uganda. It's because we have to take a little prop plane from Uganda into Sudan. Now I know y'all are with me when I say that women tend to over pack. I am the worst of the worst. So I borrowed my mom's scale so I could begin packing several days ago because I knew it would be an act of God to get my suitcase + carry on under 33lbs. And the Lord has proven faithful again because so far my two bags are only weighing in at 23 lbs! Can you believe that? A miracle. I'll keep y'all updated on this. Do not doubt that I plan on filling every bit of that 33lbs. I told Heath he was only allowed to pack 20lbs so I could have his extra 13lbs. He isn't really going for that.

We have been very blessed in our preparations for this trip. One of the things that Heath and I had to get was shoes. We need a really good pair of hiking sandals, like Chacos or Keens or Tevas. We've been told that our Land Rover will probably get stuck in the mud a few times because we are going to Africa during the rainy season. So we could find ourselves walking through thick mud and also pushing our truck out of the mud. A good pair of shoes is a must, but Heath and I don't really have $200 to spend on shoes.

My dad told Heath he wanted to take him to REI to go shopping for some of his clothes and things he'll need. My dad knew Heath needed a pair of shoes, but I also knew my dad would flip out when he saw the price tag for a good pair of sandals. While they were at REI, my dad brought a pair of shoes to Heath and told him he found these on the clearance rack. When Heath opened the box, he could not believe what he saw. They were the EXACT pair of shoes he wanted in the EXACT size he needed. There was absolutely no reason why this $90 pair of shoes should have been on the clearance rack for $19.99!!! Even as I type this, I am looking at his shoes on the floor still in awe of how God is taking care of us.

At the same time, I was in a shoe dilemma. Still needing shoes but not able to pay $100 for the Chacos I wanted. My friend Amber, whose husband is leading the trip, told me she had a few skirts for me to borrow and a pair of Chacos. She brought them to church this past Monday and when I tried them on they fit perfectly!! When I saw here later in the week, I let her know how happy I was that they fit and I don't have to buy a pair. And her exact words were, "I'm so glad! You can have them." She gave me her pair of chacos. She said they don't fit her anymore and she was waiting to give them to somebody and it would bless her to give them to me. I am in such awe!!! So Heath and I both got nice shoes for $19! Which we didn't pay the $19 because my dad bought them. Thanks Dad! We are so thankful!

Today's Prayer Request:

Prayer for the families staying home.

There are 4 of us that are leaving either spouses and/or children behind.

Oh that the families would be still and know that You are God; You will be exalted among the nations, You will be exalted among the earth. Psalm 46:10

May the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, guard their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7

Here are some pictures of Ella's first pigtails! Her hair has always been so fine that she's never had enough of it to put up until now.

Oh how I am going to miss this face!

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Linsey said...

I'm sorry you got the bug but am glad you have recovered. I will pray for you being away from Ella. I think the anticipation is worse than the actually being apart. You hang in there and I will be praying!

Darlene R. said...

I hate that you got sick! Like you said though, at least it was now and not later.

The shoe story is something else! How awesome for you!

The pigtails are cute! Sarah was three or four before we could get her hair in pigtails!

BTW, kudos on the packing!

Melissa said...

I love, love LOVE my Keens. My dad bought them for me when I was planning my all-nature, all-the-time honeymoon in Canada three years ago, and I keep them right next to all my fancy glittery heels because I love them that much. :) Thanks for sharing such neat stories of God's faithfulness to you in your planning. Continuing to pray for you from Chicago!

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Oh, those pigtails! Too cute!

I'll be praying for your momma's heart not to hurt too much. You're doing a beautiful thing, and God will bless it!!

wetherell said...

Ella is such a doll, I cant wait to give her a little squeeze at the airport, even though she is not going to remember me.
Counting down the hours.

Amanda said...

That's so cool about the shoes! I love Ella's sweet pigtails. I know I wouldn't have seen you in those 12 days you'll be gone, but I'll miss knowing you are just 4 hrs. north of me! I feel kind of insecure about not being able to know what is going on with Ella at all times. :) Love you!

Julie Robles said...

Good thing you got the sick over with! Can't wait to hear all about your trip when you get back. You've got the right idea. Commandeer that Heath's luggage weight. What do guys need for two weeks anyway? A Tshirt? Maybe 2 underwears? That can't weight much. You'll have about 65 pounds for your stuff.

Shelly said...

Oh my word! I could cry at how big she's gotten since I've been MIA in blogland over these past months! (Merciful Jesus is trying to get me back in gear here!)
Thanks for stopping by! I smiled as soon as I saw your name - all I could think about is how I still wish I had my bow collection to give to Ella :) hehe!
I'll be praying for y'alls trip! And praying that the Lord gives us a divine meeting so that you can teach me how to pack a suitcase under 33 lbs. Good word woman! Can't wait to hear how it goes when you get back :)
PS - Posted some recent pictures of Nate and I on my blog. You inspired me to give that part of my life a little shout-out :) I'd LOVE to get to see you in San Antonio, as I will be there!
Love you!

twinkle said...

Just think that while you are "mothering" Jesus' orphans in the Sudan, He will be "mothering" your precious Ella. He will, you know. Every hug you make...He will be giving back to Ella.
I loved the story about the shoes. Doesn't it just make you so humble when you see His touch in the details?

Sam McClure said...

The pigtails are so incredibly cute! We have been and will continue to pray for you as you are away!

MamaCass said...

That is so awesome about the shoes! This trip will be amazing. I feel your pain on leaving Ella for 12 days and I will be praying for you each day. I love what someone wrote above about every hug you give, Jesus will be hugging Ella back. What a beautiful picture to take with you as God uses you to minister to His children.

Lindsay said...

New to your blog and I have a lot to get caught up on - but you caught my attention because I too have an Ella Grace - born May 2005 :-) Will be praying for you & peace to know she is "okay" while you are gone.

pinkmommy said...

Oh my word, God is so amazing!

I'll be praying!

Lindsay said...

Okay - the potty chart: I gave her a LITTLE sticker for every time she went potty, and a BIG sticker every time she went poo poo. It worked for a while, but I think the chart was too big because she lost interest. She's a VERY stubborn child too, so she just doesn't have time for the potty right now you know! Yoi. good luck! Oh, and I told her if she filled the chart up, she gets a fishtank with a fish from Walmart - so think of something she'd REALLY like and make that her reward.

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Best shoe story ever! Have so much fun! And you can look forward to seeing Ella's pigtails when you return!