Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ava Elizabeth

I still have more to write about my Kansas trip, but I had to take brief break from it to blog about my new camera! Which is still so fabulous. I have a couple of friends, Amber and Corey, that are hopefully going to give me a couple tutorials.

I have to extend my break to announce the birth of Ava Elizabeth to my very good friends Lauren and Tyler!! Lauren went into labor Monday morning at 1:00 a.m. and had her sweet Ava at 1:00 p.m. Monday afternoon. Y'all, she had her naturally! That means no epidural. Such a lost concept. It wasn't on purpose though. She moved through labor quicker than they expected which kind of forced her to forge on without drugs. And she did and she did a great job!! She is every woman!

This was the perfect photo opportunity to try out my new camera. Ava weighs 8 lbs 2 oz. Such a sweet face.

Ava and her new mommy of only 5 hours!

These are my good friends Melissa and Melissa. I work with both of them at our church and we have SO much fun in the office! They both are pregnant and due only 2 weeks apart!! This is so fun for me that isn't quite yet ready to be pregnant again, but I feel like I get to kind of experience it again through them.
Lauren's mom is such a sweet grandmother. She reminded me so much of my mom. Totally, 100% there for her daughter and new grand daughter, such a great helper. I could tell how much she is in love with both them.

Doesn't Lauren look amazing? This was the next day after she had her baby naturally!


Amanda said...

Oh, sweet Lauren, I can't wait to hug your neck and see that little baby girl!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

She is so cute! At first when I saw the title Ava Elizabeth, I was, Janelle wrote a post all about my AVA! But I quickly corrected myself!

Heather said...

Great photos. glad you are enjoying your new camera.

Our Family of Five said...

Congratulations to Lauren and Tyler. :) Such a beautiful baby!

Anonymous said...

I can't belive how wonderful Lauren looks! It took me WEEKS to even look alive again!

Anonymous said...

That was by Krystal :)

The Sanders House said...

She is amazing! I wish I was there to see Miss Ava in the hospital.
(by the need to give Melissa a shout out for me...i have not seen her in years!!)

Jessica said...

How sweet is that!

Promise Christian Academy said...

Congratulations to your friends! Such a beautiful baby!!!
Sweet motherhood...
Hilda Rebecca

connorcolesmom said...

Oh my is that right to look that good after childbirth?!! :)
My nose was so big b/c of the pitocin I looked awful.
They both are just darling - oh to have a baby girl. I would not know what to do :) hehe

I saw that you are going to San Antonio. I have a block of rooms for the Siestas at the Rivercenter hotel. Would you like to put your name on one of the rooms :)
I am hoping we can have most of the Siestas at one hotel - can you say Big slumber party :)
Just let me know - I am so excited. Meeting the siestas in Nashville was a blast San Antonio is going to be even more fun!
God bless,