Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Christmas Eve and Stomach Viruses

Christmas Eve morning I woke up to my husband throwing up in the bathroom. Because I am totally over emotional, I put Ella back in her crib and shut her nursery door in hopes to block out the evil germs and then started bawling. I hate to hear anyone throw up, it's so sad and I was convinced that Ella's first Christmas was ruined. Her dada was going to be home sick all weekend. After a few minutes I composed myself somewhat and Heath and I talked about how he would stay home today (Christmas Eve) and rest and then should be better for Christmas day. His stomach virus didn't come as a complete surprise. My poor baby got it 2 weeks before Christmas. She was totally fine, playing on the floor and then all of the sudden started throwing up. I thought it was a fluke because babies throw up a lot. Well, then 10 minutes later she did it again. That's when I knew this was not a fluke and I begin to be extremely worried. Ella continued to throw up for 3 hours!!! She is amazingly strong. After she was done throwing up, she slept all night and was back to normal the next morning. The rest of the family however was not. I was the next to get it, then my mom and then Heath's mom. My father and Heath were so proud that they had missed it. Well, on our way home from Missouri, my dad called us and he was sick with it, then the next morning Heath was. So it wasn't a surprise, but I was still devastated that Heath had to miss Christmas Eve with my dad's family in Mansfield. But it turned out to be a fantastic day and I once again overeacted.

What do you do when you get a new snow globe for Christmas?

You taste it, of course!

Forget the presents, I've got ribbon!

cousins, Zach and Ethan


alicia said...

janelle! Your little girl is just the sweetest most beautiful thing ever!! I love the picture of her in the santa hat....she is such an amazing baby! I hope you are doing good. It looks like Ella had a WONDERFUl first christmas! Miss you and look forward to seeing you again one day. said...
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