Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hello Big Tex!

Every year I anticipate October for one reason...The State Fair!! This year was more exciting than ever because of the first time we got to introduce Ella to the famous Big Tex!

Her first fair food!! It was a special moment.

No fair day is complete without a bite of turkey leg!

Heath's favorite part! He would actually be totally fine if this is all we did. I have to put a time limit on it though for my own sanity!

I hope the next 16 years go by slowly. I don't think either of us will be ready for this and we will probably still have that expression when the time does come.

The Dog Show! Ella was a little overstimulated at this one!

One of my favorite parts of the fair this year was meeting up with the Riddles and the Fanns!!

Pat, Elizabeth, and Ella!

Ella loves sweet Elizabeth!

And apparently her hat too!

Cassi, Tobey, Elizabeth and Ella!

The Bird Show

Great Grandad and Grandma Angel & Grandma & Grandad Angel!

The end of the day!

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