Friday, June 02, 2006

Ella's One Week Pictures

A friend of ours from church and a great photographer, Julie Robles, came over and took pictures of Ella when she was only a week old. Here are some of my favorites.


Linda Darjean said...

Hello from the Darjeans! We wondered about you guys. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for updating the site. WOW, I cant get over how beautiful your baby girl is. Congratulations (a few months too late!). Praise the Lord that all those tests came back good. That must have been rough. God is good!!! Lord bless you three!!!:)

alicia said...

Janelle!! I have been looking at your website for about 3 months hoping you would post some beautiful pics of your daughter! I really enjoyed reading about Ella's entrance into the world. She is soooo beautiful! I can't wait to meet her!! I love you and look forward to seeing more of that pretty girls pic on this blog!!

alicia said...

alishka is Alicia just so you know! Love you.