Friday, June 02, 2006

Ella at 2 weeks.

Well, a few sad things have happened this week. Because Ella was so small when she was born, we had an appointment at 1 week and then at 2 weeks. Everything seemed fine at her 2 week appt. on Feb. 28th but we had a question about her skin color around her mouth which was blue. The doctor didn't seemed to concerned but sent us to Children's in Dallas for a chest x-ray because apparently blue around the mouth and nose can be a sign of heart disease. Our doctor is amazing, she's on staff at almost every hospital in Dallas including Children's. She called and was able to get us right in. When they did the chest x-ray, they cleared her on anything wrong with her heart but noticed that she had some spots on her lungs that could indicate pneumonia. So they called our doctor and decided to check Ella into the hospital for a few days for observation and to give her antibiotics. That night though they had to do all these horrible tests, like a spinal tap and urine sample and an IV put in her little hand. It was the saddest day I've ever had. But everything came out absolutely normal!! She was totally healed! She was SO strong through all the awful tests! She's amazing!! We left the hospital 2 days later on March 2nd and she had was totally healthy! Praise the Lord! We were ecstatic to get her back home!!!

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