Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Ella's 6th Bday!

Ella turned 6 on February 15 and we had a fabulous day!!! 

Every year, I take a picture of Ella the last night she is a year younger.  So this is her last night as a 5 year old!
I told Ella when she was going to bed, that on her last night as a 4 year she wanted to sleep on the floor. Well, of course, she wanted to spend her last night as a 5 year old on the floor too! :-)  So this is what I discovered when I came in her room after she had fallen asleep. Our dog sure must be thinking "finally!"
Birthday morning!!

We asked Ella the day before if she wanted to go out to eat for breakfast or if she wanted her Daddy to make her breakfast.  She choose her Daddy.

And, of course, her choice was pancakes!

Our birthday girl!
So Ella decided TWO YEARS ago that for her 6th birthday she wanted a Spongebob Party!  We had Spongebob everything.  Once this girl makes up her mind, it's hard to change it.
We brought brownies and McDonalds to her school for lunch and for all her classmates.

My most favorite tradition on Ella's birthday is the picture I take of Ella at exactly 3:32p.m. every year, the exact time she was born and changed our lives forever! (for the good of course)
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Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful! I can't believe she is 6 already!

Tara G. said...

She is darling and so full of life! I wish I would have thought of the picture sleeping the night before earlier- I do it with my youngest. We also read a poem before bed about waking up a year older. Your pancakes turned out great! We do the same thing and have a special blue plate that comes out for big events. And I love your time photo!!!