Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Ella's 1st Day of Kindergarten!

Ella (and mommy) had a great 1st day of school! The anticipation was definitely worst than the actual day. I really like to build things up in my mind, so I was anticipating a melt down (from me, not Ella), but it never came and here we are on week 3 and still doing well.

We talked Kindergarten up a lot so that she would be really excited about it. For weeks leading up to the first day, she kept saying that she was really nervous to meet her teachers and new friends. So on the Saturday before school started, Ella and I volunteered in her classroom helping her teachers set up. After that, she was golden.

Ella's school didn't start until Wednesday of that week, so Monday night was Meet the Teacher. Since Ella had already met her teachers, she got to meet some new friends. While we were still there, she came up to me with a huge smile and said, "Mama, I made some new friends!" And that was all it took. Not a single other butterfly in her tummy.

The next day on Tuesday, we went to Target to get a couple last minute stuff and let Ella pick out a new toy to celebrate starting Kindergarten. Shocking that this is what she picked! :-)

Wednesday morning, I went and woke Ella up early with a bit of a lump in my throat, but overall ok. She was so excited it didn't phase her that it was SO early. However, it only took about 3 wake ups for her to be done with waking up so early.

Sweet girl all dolled up and ready to go.

Our dogs kept getting in the pictures. I was trying to shoo them away, but Ella wanted to play. She loves her dogs.

One reason for my emotional stability that morning, was because it was a bit chaotic. When I went to start my car, the battery was dead. We were already running a little late, so after transferring everything over to Heath's car it was full speed ahead to get there on time! We also were going to take Ella on a donut date that morning, but we ended up having to skip that part and she had to eat her donuts in the car on the way. All this to say, I'm kind of thankful it happened that way because it didn't give me much time to sulk. And it was still a great morning.

Walking into school.

See no tears! You would've been proud of me. :-)

The teacher, so kindly, let me snap a few pictures of her in the classroom even after she had started teaching.

Ella is going to a private Montessori school this year, so the classroom isn't set up like a traditional classroom would be.

We couldn't be more thrilled that she has this awesome opportunity. It is a really COOL God story of how it came about for her to get to go to this particular school. I can't wait to share it with you.

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