Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My 5 Year Old!

Last Tuesday, my precious girl turned 5! I won't bore you by saying this a million times, so I'm just going to say it once very passionately...I CAN NOT BELIEVE SHE IS ALREADY 5!! Okay, I think I've got it out of my system enough to get through this blog post. :-)

We had a great birthday week planned for Ella and it was all so much fun!

We woke up Tuesday morning and her daddy and I took her for a birthday donut breakfast date before school.

I love traditions, so one tradition I started at Ella's 1st bday was taking a picture of her at 3:32p.m., the exact time she was born. I love it. So here is her picture this year. VERY sadly, this was the first year I was not by her side at that exact minute to wish her happy birthday, but thankfully my mom was...so she got to take her 3:32 pic this year.

After school/work, we planned a very fun birthday dinner at Chuck E Cheese with a few of Ella's besties! This is tradition #2. Every year we try to get together with the Murrells and Lewises on Ella's exact birthday. And then of course they come to her birthday party too. Laney, Joshua and Ella were all born within 2 1/2 mths of each other, so we started this tradition for their 1st birthdays. Here they are that 1st year with their itty bitty selves! I wish I could go back to that day and squeeze those little cheeks!

While Ella and I waited for Daddy to get home from work before heading to Chuck E Cheese, Ella bounced some in the bounce house we borrowed from the Billups for her bday party. Thanks Billups!! We love you!

We had the best time at Chuck E Cheese!

Ella and Laney never left each others' side. They played every game together and rode every little ride together.

We were able to wrangle them in for a quick picture. Joshua, Ella, Laney & Gabe!

Apparently this was a wild ride!

This was the funniest thing. They were on a roller coaster simulator. Every time the roller coaster on the screen went down a hill, they would giggle so hard and squish their little faces together as if they were actually on the ride. It was adorable.

Ella, Laney, Miles & Sam playing skee ball.

Daddy and Ella!

Birthday brownies!

Joshua & Gabe gave Ella this very fun My Little Pony. Of course, Ella loved it and slept with it that night.

Kristin MADE this dress! I'm amazed. Not only did she make this for Ella, she made a miniature one exactly like it that fits her Build A Bear Bunny. It's adorable!

We are so blessed by these friends!! So thankful they are in our lives and that we can share big days with them.

I keep thinking I am going to write a letter to Ella every year on her birthday like my friend Amanda does. But I just haven't done it yet. I am determined to though. I just really struggle with finding the words to describe the immense amount of love I have for Ella. I could sum it up with saying sometimes I feel like my heart is going to explode, but I'd rather go into maybe a little more details than just that. :-)

Happy birthday baby girl!

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Jenny Campbell said...

I feel that way too about Levi. I can't describe it either!

Mindy said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet Ella!!!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

It looks like y'all had such a fun day celebrating your sweet girl. She looks so happy! I've been reading your blog since Ella was a baby so I will say it too...I cannot believe she is 5 years old!!! Happy Birthday, Ella!

Tara G. said...

5 is such a fun age!!!! Love your 3:32 picture idea!