Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ella's 1st Choir Performance

Between December 6th & 10th Ella had 6 Christmas performances she was in. This was the first time she had been in any type of organized performance. I was so excited to see how she would respond to being in front of a crowd. Would she be the one that freezes? Or yells the songs? Or pulls her dress over her head? Or picks her noise and eats it?

The answer would be yes to all. Yes she did all of those things! It was highly entertaining.

These videos are of her performances from Sunday the 6th. Her choir performed in all 3 services that morning and then they performed at our traditional Hanging of the Green service that night.

By the 3rd performance all the kids were DONE. But they were still adorable.

Dress going over the head.

Picking the nose. Head tilted and everything.

Joshua and Ella!

"Pa rum pum pum pum"

My Sweet Girl!

This was the first performance and you can hear Ella really well in this one. At one point, I think her and Joshua had a moment of competitiveness to see which one could sing "pa rum pum pum pum" the loudest. Please excuse the shaking camera. I was laughing so hard I could barely even keep my arms up let alone keep it steady.

Performance #2
Ella started out VERY enthusiastically singing loudly and doing the motions with much vigor.

This was the 3rd performance of the day and they were so over it. Three performances in one morning was probably a little much for 3 year olds. But they still looked adorable.

This was the final performance at the Hanging of The Green that night. Ella literally stood there and twirled her dress the entire time. So cute. She usually judges the quality of a dress on how well it twirls, so I wasn't surprised she did this.

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She is just way too much cuteness!