Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ella's 1st Day of School

Ella had her first day of school on Sept. 8. I wasn't sure at all how she would respond to being in a class room setting totally outside of anybody and anything that she is familiar with. But I should have known, her being the outgoing social butterfly she is, that she would adapt with no hesitations.

She loves her school. Heath gets the privilege of dropping her off each morning that she has school and he said everytime he pulls into the parking lot her face lights up and she becomes so giddy. I'm so thankful she loves it. It would be really hard to make her keep going if she hated it.


The obligatory 1st day of school picture in front of the flowers.

Is it just me or is that backpack bigger than she is?

Putting her lunch box on the lunch cart for the first time.

"Okay mom, I will smile cutely for you one more time if you will just leave." I'm sure that's what she was thinking.

Love you sweet girl!

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Kelli said...

Happy First Day of School!! It looks like you LOVED it!

Helen said...

She is sooooooo cute. I'm glad she is enjoying school!