Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Swim Lessons

For the last 2 weeks, Ella has been in swim lessons.

It was so neat because we signed her up and since she was in the very last session of the summer, there was only one other boy that had signed up and it happened to be our neighbor boy that Ella loves. So it was so fun. It was like private lessons because there were 2 teachers for the class. I could not have been any happier about how this worked out.

Ella was so cute to watch. The parents had to sit in the bleachers across the pool from them, so from that far away she looked even tinier than she already is.

She was so brave! She did everything they instructed her to do.

Of course, she was in Level 1, so I think the main point of Level 1 was to get them used to the water. They did a lot of under water stuff. Ella definitely learned how to hold her breath, which is huge! I am so proud of her.

They tried to teach her how to float on her back, but I'm not sure how much she caught on to that.

Ella actually got swimmers ear really BADLY after the first week. Her ear hurt her SO badly after week one that we ended up taking her to our awesome Dr. friend late Sunday night before week 2 started. Sure enough...she had an outer ear infection otherwise known as "swimmers ear". So we had to keep her out of her lessons Monday and Tuesday. But she got to go back on Wednesday and they so sweetly let us put her in her normal class and then the class after to make up for the 2 days she missed.

Ella was so cute to watch and SO BRAVE! She loved her swim lessons. She is quite the little fish this summer. As amazing as she is...her summary sheet on the last day said, "Great job, Ella. See you again for Level 1". We thought that was funny. So we will be repeating Level 1, but that's okay. She'll do even better the next time.

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Helen said...

That's so cool that you got to have "private" instructions, that has to make it easier on a kiddo.

Ang baylis said...

This reminds me of when my daughter taught swimming lessons to kids Ella's age. As a mom, I loved watching her teach those little ones. I'm sure Ella is absolutely adorable and a great listener! I hope her ear is all better! I remember that, too! Hope you are having a good Summer!
Love, Angie xoxo