Thursday, August 23, 2007

City Girl

I was reading The Preacher's Wife blog the other day like many other days and was hysterically laughing at her post about this small town country game they like to play called Cow Plop.

While reading, I was struck with how much of a city girl I really am.

I was born a blue eyed, blonde hair girl in the heart of Los Angeles. I have very few memories of living there, but I think it was long enough to instill the desire in me to live in the big city.

From there my family moved to a medium sized city in Illinois. I loved living in Illinois as a child because of all the snow. Those are my favorite memories of being there, not the size of the city, but the amount of fun that could take place.

Next is where I got my only taste so far in life of a small town. My family from Illinois moved to an itty bitty town called Cameron in central Texas and this is where we officially became Texans. I was 5 years old when we moved to Cameron, so practically a born Texan since it's almost all I know and can remember.

Cameron had all of those small town traditions that are so loved. We had only the one high school, so the town shut down just like most small towns on Friday nights. We played all the other small towns around us and it was incredibly exciting. Even as a young child I could sense the pride of this town.

I have so many memories of walking to school, climbing trees, running over to a friend's house to play, watchin my sister chear on Friday nights. We lived in Cameron until I was in 7th grade.

At the beginning of my 7th grade year, my family moved to Garland. I was once again immersed into a large city. My junior high class was about 350. My freshmen year of high school I was in a class of about 700. It was so opposite of my small town I had grown to love, but it only took me about one second to adjust back to the big city.

My sophomore year of high school we moved once more and settled in Dallas.

I love the city. I've had a taste of both and there certainly are things about that small town that I loved so much! Things like a Cow Plop! But my heart belongs to the city. I love being surrounded by people, the Starbucks on every corner, the option of which mall I want to go to, and a Super Target that is only 3 blocks away.

But we never know where God is going to take us. I could definitely find myself in a small town again and if so, I will embrace those country folk and their traditions like I never left.


FordeFam said...

I have to say, I am really a city girl too! :) Something about lots of people around!!! :) I have never lived in the country, but I, too, love knowing that there is a Super Target down the street, a Starbucks of my choice and there are a few malls to choose from within 10 minutes from me! Yep, I am in a prime location!!! ;) We do however live in a VERY small town in the middle of a city! :) It's very safe, quiet and quaint! I guess I have the best of both worlds! :)

kittyhox said...

Okay, that cow plop thing is hilarious!

I've never lived in a small town, but I think I would prefer it to big city life. I don't like crowds or noise.

Just yesterday I got lost (in my own city, Seattle), there was construction on the freeway, causing four lanes to become two - and I was totally late for an appointment. The entire time I was thinking "I am NOT a city person!"

But I would miss Target!!

Amanda said...

You have been all over! I think I could learn to love country life - maybe - but like you I am a city girl at heart. That cow plop story was very interesting!

MamaCass said...

I could live in the country. Sometimes I feel so crowded. I just want some space. Before I moved to Texas I lived in Oklahoma. I came from an 8th grade class of 12 of which I was the valedictorian (of course there was not much competition) and started high school with a class of probably 700-800. It was a little scary for me being the shy person that I am. I think I am a still a country girl at heart but I have grown to love the city and all the opportunity and of course target and starbucks.

Tiffani said...

You have lived so many different places - how fun! Seeing as how my roots are in Abilene, I do love the small/medium town feel...BUT, after living in Houston for several years, I have grown into a Big City Girl!

Jackie said...

Had to comment... I have been a city-girl all my life. Take me outta the city for a few days adn I am craving my starbucks and shopping malls. Just have to tell you- your daughter is ABSOLUTLEY precious. Love the pics.

Our Family of Five said...

This is such a great post. So well written. I am going to tell on myself..... I attended a K through 12 private Christian school and you know how many were in my graduating class? ....... 2 :) I live in the city now, although not huge like Dallas, but I still love it. :) Blessings to you!

FordeFam said...

Soooo...just out of did you do your header? I wanted to add some things to mine, like some flowers or ivy or something, but I have no idea where to find that or if it's possible! :) Just wondering!
Oh, and I moved around a lot too! I didn't mind it either, but we never lived out in the another country...but not in the country! :)

The Preacher's Wife said...

Hey Janelle!

I'm cracking glad I could amuse all you city girls today! :))

Just so you know, when I was a high school graduate, my ultimate goal was to never marry, move to New York City, and live a childless, exotic life. Now I am a minister's wife with 4 kids in rural Alabama. How's that for man planning his way but the Lord taking his steps?

And, as much as I love my small town, I would croak were it not for the fact I'm only 45 minutes from Chattanooga...I can at least get my Caramel Apple Cider - extra caramel, extra cream - at Starbuck's when I go to town..:)

And one more thing and I'll hush.. if it counts for anything, we did live in Raleigh, NC a few years back..Does that count as city? :)



Lindsee said...

I too am a city girl at heart! I have always thought about moving the Fort Collins, CO just to be fun! (And, my whole extended family lives there!) But anyway, my dad always told me I could never make it in a small town. I told him whatever and then moved to Huntsville.

He was right. As much as I love this little town, I miss all the big city stuff. I can't believe I ever thought Houston was boring!