Sunday, September 24, 2006

Oh, How I Love Ella

Oh how I love Ella...

I love...
her chubby cheeks.
the way she smiles at me every morning when I look over her crib.
the way she plays with my hair.
how she can sit up and play with her toys.
how she smiles at everyone.
her sneezes.
how she eats carrots and gets them all of her face, stomach, hands, hair, feet, etc.
her puffy feet.
how much she loves her daddy.
how much she loves our dog Jones and pulls on his ears and tail.
that she sleeps through the night.
how she talks.
how excited she gets and how she flaps her arms when her mommy or daddy walks in the room.
that she already has a group of friends.
that she gets excited over anything that is or resembles a duck.
that she wants to stand all the time.
her button nose.

I even love...
that she spits up ever 5 seconds.
that she demands her bottle.
that she can get bored easily with her toys.
that she wakes up at 6:00 most mornings.
that she is already 7 months.
that she hates tummy time and will probably go straight to walking.
that she loves to watch football with her daddy.
that she is still almost completely bald.

There is NOTHING I don't love about this precious creation! Everyday I am reminded of God when I look at her. At His grace and compassion and love! That He would be so caring to create something this precious for us as a reminder of who He is and His glory. I am in awe! Thank You!


Jessica said...

She is adorable! I love the picture of the three of you - what a great family shot!

Kristin said...

You just made me cry!! You are such an amazing mommy. Can't wait to try my hand at that. AND these are the cutest pictures of little Miss Ella. That hat does make the dress even cuter, which did not seem possible.