Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Birthing Class

I just wanted to post a few cute pictures of mine and Heath's good friends that took the birthing class with us this weekend.

Amanda is first and she is due two weeks BEFORE me. 2nd is me. 3rd is Sunni. She is due 2 weeks AFTER me. So you can imagine how much fun we are having together!

Here's the boys.
Curt is first...he is Amanda's husband, then Heath, 3rd Xavier, Sunni's husband. Our husbands were very funny and entertaining through our birthing class. The lady who taught our class said she has never had a group of friends take her class before and she has been teaching for 6 years. She thought we had planned it this way! :-) The class was definitely very intersting! My favorite part was the tour of the hospital. It is so nice and everyone has been so wonderful! We feel very good about having our baby at Baylor Grapevine. My least favorite part about class: the video! :-)

We have one more birthing class next Saturday!

We are getting a sonogram on Tuesday, so I will definitely be updating next week.

Thanks guys!
Heath and Janelle


PrincessChristie said...

I'm so glad to hear everything went well! These pictures are adorable! I love looking at those cute belly's! :) Love you guys!

Linda Darjean said...

Hi Heath and Janelle!!
This is Linda, Eric Darjean's wife. It was good to meet y'all, gosh that was a few weeks ago. Time flys when you dont get any sleep at night :) You look wonderful. I LOVED the hospital tour also, it made the whole thing feel SO real. I tell you what, the best part of having the baby was getting pampered at the hospital, they were wonderful!! You look great and you are almost there. Lord bless you both!!!

Jimmy & Melissa Granger said...

hi guys! i love the pictures and the site! thanks for letting us peek in on this exciting time in your lives! i hope all continues to go well!

God Bless!
Jimmy Granger

Daniel Dessinger said...

Unbelievable! That's awesome! Don't tell Heather. She's starting to sense the call of the wild.